About Us

We find the best insurance for you. As your risk advisor, we design a comprehensive policy, negotiate competitive terms with insurers, manage your servicing requirements and help get your claims. We work with all leading insurers. Our fees are built into the premiums charged by insurers and are regulated by the Insurance Regulator, IRDAI. Every year we help settle many of insurance claims.

Every business or individual needs insurance to withstand an emergency or adversity. It is our responsibility to help structure and buy the right insurances. AIB deploys several technology tools, including a mobile app and a CRM system, to deliver insurance seamlessly and to make the claims process efficient. Our insurance advisors are well-trained to understand your requirement and suggest insurances beneficial to your company or you.

We want our customers to make an informed choice and so offer insurance quotes and terms to compare from at least three insurers. This facility is unique to us as an insurance broker, as we are entitled to deal with all insurance companies in India. Unlike, an insurance agent, who is tied to an insurance company, we provide insurance quotes from multiple commercial insurance companies in India.

We work with you and your family to understand, manage and simplify your entire financial life. We create wealth management strategies that allow you to meet your current needs; help you prioritize and achieve your goals throughout your lifetime; and protect your wishes and legacy into the future.

Why AIB ?

Deep Product Knowledge - We have specialized liability underwriters and tie-ups with international experts.

Cost-effective Insurance - We work with all insurers to get you the best options- both in terms of price and features.

Quick Turnaround - Cover notes are issued within hours of request. This documentation is sufficient for any contractual requirement.

Strong Claim Support - We manage all aspects of your claim from preparing documentation to follow-up with the insurer.

Value Added Services - We will advice you on risk management best practices.

Policy Administration System (PAM) - See all your contracts renewal information in one place. Place service requests on PAM.